Course curriculum

    1. What Is Protection Magic?

    2. Why Do You Need Protection Magic?

    3. Be Cautious, Not Afraid

    4. How Much Protection Is Enough?

    1. What Is A Ward?

    2. How To Cast A Basic Ward

    3. Layering Your Wards

    4. Types Of Wards

    5. Permeable Warding

    6. Ways Your Wards Can Be Breached

    1. What Is Cleansing?

    2. Smoke Cleansing

    3. Sound Cleansing

    4. Salt Cleansing

    5. Earth Cleansing

    6. Cleansing With Spray

    7. Cleansing With Light

    8. Broom Cleansing

    9. Cleansing Bath

    10. Egg Cleansing

    11. Energy Scan

    1. How To Know If Your Protection Magic Worked

    2. Up Next In Protection Magic: Part 2

Protection Magic

  • 23 lessons

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